Monday, 19 January 2009

Degree show meeting minutes 19/1/09

Present: Adam, Cameron, Clare, Lenka, Sina, ttfb (later Lucy)

We first discussed the ideas that people had had concerning the work they want to produce and how it could be set up in the studio. They are as follows:

Anna: camera obscura or potentially projecting onto the floor and ceiling...may build a room to achieve this.
Lizzie: ten armchairs, maybe five, in an open space with people on them.
Clare: moving fabric suit. Perhaps flying.
Janna: architectural model of London in the centre of 206
Cameron: will need 3x2 metres of floorspace with enough space to move around it.
Ellie: wallspace for flatscreen tv, or perhaps documentation area (see below)
Adam: Dubailand documentary, will need projection space
Thomas: tv on wall stand and space for a bed
Lucy: two kaleidescopes next to a window, preferably in 207 as there is more light, and wallpaper.
Esther: desk to relay information to another area, as a headquarters.
Kathryn: video installation
Lenka: film animation, perhaps projected, but maybe on flatscreen tv depending on resolution.
Richard: unsure, possibly film.

The documentation area was discussed. Ellie has approached the group suggesting that her work would be to create the documentation area and, as her work deals with the fabrication of other egos, her work would be to insert new documentation for a 'missing' member of the group (as far as i understand may need to ask her about it). The group discussed how if Ellie is willing to create the documentation area as her work then this would be advantageous for everyone, as the space would be created without it being, as Clare reminded the group, a potential afterthought or a neglected area of the exhibition. We therefore decided that if it were still her intention then she should go ahead with it.

We then discussed the prospect of other students helping with the exhibition. It is rumoured, as i mention to Sina, that Alex is against the idea of first years helping with the construction of the show, and that there is talk that the first years will be taken by her to Berlin during May. Sina mentions that the event was purely a misunderstanding and that Alex was not aware that the show was being set up in that month, so the dates have been moved. It was mentioned how the sheer number of students currently means that if everybody took part in helping with the show then each third year would potentially have three helpers each. It was suggested that, considering that not everyone in the third year will need three people and may result in a lot of people turning up to help only to be left at a loose end, Sina's response was to suggest that all those willing to help could be seperated into designated groups, such as a group helping with painting, or cleaning, or construction etc. This would mean that they could even be set certain days in which these tasks could be undertaken, meaning the job would get done quicker and more efficiently and leave time for the helping student to continue with their own work if a project is set for them by their tutors (particularly as the second year show immediately preceeds a large part of the show set up.)
Last year there was a session where the plan was to congregate as an entire course and be allocated a specific third year to help. Here the third year explained a bit about their work and other students would drift towards the one they felt most akin with...or something. The group suggested this could be done more informally, perhaps immediately before or ideally immediately after the easter term, that way if a third year was allocated a specific helper the helping student would not be thrown into having to help someone they don't know very well. Perhaps this could also be a bonding session of sorts where we all go out and get drunk again (editorial addition).

We then discussed idea of a gift shop. The difficulty is that we are unsure how many people want to go ahead with this idea seriously. ttfb said that he is going to be selling product at the show and if needed would do it next to his work, but if a shop was in place would have it to sell there. Adam said he would be willing to make DVDs of his work and personalised mugs and old tshirts from the Hilary Clinton campaign that he has obtained from a friend. Lenka said she could make posters from film stills of her work. There was also talk of cfap pencils being made, or as Sina suggested simply pencils that stated 'I hopefully graduated at Brighton 2009'. It was made clear that if a person was eager on having a product in the shop that they would finance its production personally and equally keep their share of the reward. There was also the suggestion that the shop need not only have products by us but also by other students who allow us to take a commission for every one of their products that is sold. Depending on the turnaround the shop could be set up simply during the actual show set up and the products could be made while the show was being marked in preparation for the private view. There was the suggestion that the shop might not work if it doesn't fit curatorially, there is also the question of having to provide and extra person to safeguard the transactions, unless there is a donation box instead.

We also talked a little bit about the catalogue after most people had left. Cameron's suggestion for the catalogue is that, in order to maintain that everyone gets the content they want in the catalogue, everybody would be given an A4 sheet in which they could produce what they want, the only recurring detail being that the name of the artist would have to go in the same place with the same typeface etc. That way everyone can include whatever they like with regards to the work shown. This would mean that the catalogue could be 32 a5 pages in colour, meaning with 13 artists with a double page spread each plus a double page group portrait and a front and back cover would leave two pages free, either for a foreword by Mick perhaps or a page of advertising to help finance it or whatever. There would be no need for a contents page as the artists would be in alphabetical order. If everyone is pleased with this idea we can all be issued sheets, given a date with which to complete it and then research printing costs for that particular format. Would we charge for it?

We (cameron, lucy, ttfb) then discussed the style of the show and possible recurring themes that appear that may change how the show looks. One theme we can see emerging is that of domesticity, or the domestic backdrop. Lucy wants to put up wallpaper in one room as it ties in with her dissertation; Lizzie intends to have a number of armchairs and has placed importance on the comfort of the visitor; ttfb intends to have the idea of the hotel inherent in his piece, and would happily have Lucy's wallpaper interfere with the work; Cameron is making work that relates to functions of labour-saving appliances; Ellie, in making a documentation area, would likely be making an area where people would be encouraged to stop and rest and explore the work , so perhaps this would benefit from being a homely surrounding. IF this was a related strand in the work that people with such work were willing to persue, there is the possibility that 207 could be set up as an area pertaining to a luxury hotel room or a living room, with at least five people displaying people work there, and having 206 and 206a as areas that look more like the white cube gallery space, which assuming we don't get 204 would mean one person exhibiting in 206a and seven in 206. We talked more about this for a bit.


- all attending prepare to explain dissertation subject, as a means of deciding whether a specific curatorial stance should be taken.
- print out plan of the studio so we can begin mindshowering the potential placement of people in the rooms.
- anything else anyone wants to suggest.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Degree show meeting minutes 5/1/09


Degree Show Meeting minutes 5/1/09

Present: Adam, Anna, Cameron, Clare, Ellie, Esther, Janna, Kathryn, Lizzie, Lucy, Me, Mick, Sina.

The first question was about funds. How much do we need to make a degree show?
Sina pointed out that the CFAP budget has potentially £600. This does not mean we have £600 in cash, it means that there are certain places that we can order things from via the university and that it can be up to that price. Usually this budget covers for buying painting materials (paint and rollers largely) and for cleaning, and for some chipboard if it's needed.

We might need money for vinyl lettering and other extras. It was also agreed that we'd like a catalogue, this would be something we'd need to raise money for. We would also need a deadline for handing in any work we'd want put in the catalogue and any text we'd want accompanying it, so that it can be printed before the show. The deadline was not set.

Dates for your diary:
Hayley Newman (external examiner) visit for meet and greet: 27th February
Dissertation deadline: 26th March
Day of furniture removal from studio: 11th May
Deadline for show: 22nd May. The following week would be for internal marking and the week after that for external marking.
Degree show takedown: by Friday 12th June. DO NOT BOOK A HOLIDAY BEFORE THEN.

Some of the third years are worried that Alex is against the idea of the first years helping out with the degree show, the evidence being last year. There was talk of a project being set for them in the third term that would swallow up all their time. The second year show in the gallery is shifted to May due to the gallery's centenary/bi-centenary/whatever, and this may cause problems. Mick is unsure of these dates and will check.

We talked for a bit about whether we should use chipboard or not. It looks a bit rubbish, is very heavy to shift upstairs, but is cheaper than other wood. Still don't know.

Room 204 may be available, as well as 206a, which are good rooms to project in. It is evident that quite a few people will be making film work that they want to project, including Adam, Lenka and presumably Richard. How do we decide who gets where in this instance? Should we collect ideas for work soon so we can 'curate' in this way?

To that end, what would the curatorial angle be? If any?
Would we ask an outside influence to curate the show? Peter Suchin, Rob & Tom, Mick, Sina, Goldsmith's students? Seeing as the curator doesn't really have a choice of what goes in the show and what doesn't, does it null their responsibilities somewhat?
Will the exhibition definitely be in the studio? Mick mentioned that the economic downturn may lead to lots of empty shops eager to fill the space with anything for little money, could this be a possibility? Would we have two dual shows existing at the same time or just do one show offsite if that happened?

Should we write a biog before we 'curate' the show like we did with Unbelievable Crimewave!?
Should we make an advert for the show?
Are we still going to have a gift shop?

Sina pointed out that if you need anything pristine made, like plinths for instance, then you shouldn't ask her and that it's worth investing in getting a professional to do it.

Mick gave the advice that you should not try anything technical that you've not tried before. This was the case with the greenscreen two years ago, it just didn't work.

Also, should the room be seperated? Anna mentioned the possibility of seperating the room with cloth rather than chipboard. Some agreed that seperating the room would be good for individual work but as an exhibition look too fragmented. Some mentioned that with only thirteen people between two rooms might make the room look a bit sparse.

TO DO FOR 12/1/09:
- hunt for empty shop spaces
- look for chipboard alternatives
- try to find a quote for the catalogue
- write short biog or plan for the degree piece if you have it.


Wednesday, 26 November 2008


Hi, sorry me again.

Firstly, the organisation for the CFAP christmas dinner is underway. It will be held at nifty little boozer The Lion And Lobster near Waitrose/the old pier/Lizzie's house (i'm not very good with landmarks, sorry). If you would like to attend, simply bring in £15 to give to Ellie at our meeting tomorrow and then also choose a main meal and a dessert off the menu which is floating about somewhere. They've done us a deal which means we can have the entir upper floor and up to 70 people, and two courses for that amount perhead. You can look at the events page by Adam right here on macebook. If you want a sample of the atmosphere, if not the festive nosh, the plan currently is to visit the pub tomorrow evening in celebration of Lenka's interim presentation, which as you'll recall is tomorrow at 1.30pm in 206a. We might also go out after the dinner itself, the last cfap night-outing we had was proper bubbles (meaning good).

Secondly, the blog is still here! Wheeeey.

Thirdly, do people want to get involved with a CFAP secret santa? i mentioned this on the facebook group but i thought i'd check here. Simple rules, one gift each, under a fiver, you know who you're buying for but not who you're being bought for. If you see. If you're interested let me know tomorrow and i'll e-mail everyone with their allocated giftee as soon as possible - perhaps we could dish them out at the christmas dinner? Bit twee that.

Fourthly (this'll be it for now) i have been approached by Adam from MAVA asking whether CFAP would be interested in getting involved with Dot-to-Dot festival in Brighton on the 12th of December, which is the last day of term. The idea of the festival is that there is an allocated route through Brighton taken by everyone attending, staring somewhere in Kemptown, heading through the North Laines and ending up in Seven Dials. On the route there will be different events occuring across the day that we might be able to do something for. Last year's event was great fun and involved seeing a film screening under the arch next to the train station, a set by Marcus Hessenberg in the middle of a street off Terminus Road, another gig in the car park of Oxfam, being sidled into various exhibitions and performances and getting hit in the face by a paper aeroplane from the top of a shop on Church Street. The idea would be that we would organise something somewhere on the route and let the organisers know so they can lead the gathered throng there at the appropriate point on the journey. Again if you're a facebook person the event lives here, there's a video and some photos of past events there and hopefully at some point the route! Please let me know if you're up for this and if you have an ideas what to do.


ttfb xxxxx

Fundraising ideas

as discussed and suggested by various attendees at the meeting 25/11/08
the ones i think we could feasibly do in the foyer on the 8th-10th i have marked with a *. Please say if you disagree. Remember we could do more than one of them.

* - creating a poster/billboard/pinboard style thing that people pay to advertise or put work on, the tangible equivalent of the budding internet entrepreneur that sold advertising space per pixel as advertising space on his website. This might do well considering that postering for free has been banned in uni, but there might not be that many events on to advertise if that's the angle we're pushing. Maybe we could make a messageboard instead?

* - bring and buy sale. This could even be selling artwork, a craft fair type of thing that we could invite other people to (and maybe charge them for use of the foyer...haha, evil times) or a jumble style sale where we flog some valued possessions/old tat.

* - bake sale. We might have to check if this goes against HELF AN SAYFTY rules (it probably will do in the foyer) but if not we could do like other courses do and just visit the different rooms in the university. Note that sculpture are doing this tomorrow (27/11/08)

* - the key/safe conundrum, where we buy a load of keys and a safe, but only one of the keys can open it. We put a prize inside and people pay to dip their hand in the bag and try it out. There are other activities we could do along these lines, and other risk games like guessing how many sweets are in a jar and that. Maybe we should call it Tempting Fete?

* - selling goodwill messages or carol singing to people. Like prank calls but nicer, so, the person gives you money, calls their mate and then get you to say something nice to them or sing to them or something. Maybe like RickRolling, but more like XmasCaRolling. This could be done to fit any nearby holiday of course, valentine's day, birthdays, pancake day, whatever.

* - portrait painting. Like doing cariatures of people. Or maybe somehow taking the person's photo, pretend to be drawing while someone puts an awful photoshop filter on the portrait, pints it off and hands it back. Play of the con and all that.

- selling merchandise. This was mor for the degree show, and would consist either of individual self-promotion effects or merch aimed at CFAP as a whole. We might have to get pr in.

- starting a film society. Mick suggested this and i'm not sure what he means, maybe charging people to see films we're screening (highly illegal but still practised in uni, cf. filmclub) or milking our contact with the duke of york's picturehouse.

- selling work for the future. This is a risk for both parties really, and might be something again used to better effect at the degree show. We say to a visitor, for instance, that for £1 we will sell them a piece of work that it's taken three hours for us to make in ten years' time, then give them a certificate and a guarantee for it. The gamble for them is whether or not we become famous in the future, as something it takes us three hours to make in the future could be worth loads if we reach the giddy heights of K**th T***n. Plus the other risk is that we lose touch with them or die or decide to stop making art or something, i think you'll have to ask whoever suggested it for details.

Thoughts? Additions? Please say.

ttfb xxxxx

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

CFAP degree show fundraising (third year -centric)

Hi everyone, hope you're wrapping up warm.

Today we had a few meetings about forthoming ideas for fundraising. Ester has got hold of us and said that she has booked the foyer between the gallery and the cafe for the 8th, 9th and 10th of December in order to raise funds somehow. This was, i believe, in anticipation of the Santa's grotto idea but i haven't hard anything about this for a while and presume that we don't have enough time to go ahead with it...please tell me if i have assumed wrong.

There were a number of ideas of things we could do instead and i shall post the ideas on the blog ( ) later on tonight for you to mull over at your leisure. i think considering we have the space booked we might as well try and use it to make a bit of money to start off with or at least try to promote a better image for cfap, however the hell we do that. It would be good to have another meeting at least, if not two, before the week itself.

One of the problems that occured during the talks though is the issue of fundraising itself. After lunch we had an impromptu discussion about the issue of money and how we can all contribute equally to the show. It's obvious that personal effects should probably be funded and provided by the individual on their own terms, such as contact cards, equipment, construction materials, the work itself, etc. But there will be costs that we'll need to pay for as a group, for instance if we decide to have a catalogue accompanying the show, vinyl lettering or some sort of blurb explaining our motives, the documentation area, and other costs that we likely don't know about. It's been pointed out that the total usually required for a whole year to raise for the degree show is about £2000. Whether this is true of our situation is yet to be discussed, as we've not talked about what sum of money we'll need yet to finance everything, but let's say for sake of example that this is the target we'd be aiming for. A number of ways were suggested to reach this: fundraising ideas or approaching bigger companies for funding or sponsorship; each member of cfap paying on a regular basis, perhaps weekly, a smaller amount of money that culminates in the total denomination, in this case about £5 a week each; paying between £50-£100 each at the beginning of next term after our loans come in and sitting on it, maybe even gaining a bit of interest on it.

The difficulty is that not everyone will agree which method is best. i, for instance, have had a bad experience of fundraising and would rather not spend time and effort on what is essentially a risk, when instead of ploughing the scrilla out of my own wallet into an event or fundraising activity i could simply put the money straight into a kitty. However it became evident in our talks that there will be some people wary of their financial situation and would be more comfortable investing their time into raising money through fundraising than find themselves in their overdraft from putting so much in on a weekly basis or as one lump sum.

The idea that came through from these talks, which i think it would be good to get everyone's opinion on, is that we say, for instance, that everyone owes the cfap degree coffers £150 and that they can provide that money whichever way they see fit, whether straight away, over time or through events that they've organised. Would this be an acceptable method? Would you feel comfortable with it? And would we have an individual treasurer, volunteering or elected?

If you could please please visit the blog at some point in the future and comment on your thoughts then that would be super. There's also a question there about the UC! website that needs answering pretty soon.

Thanks artists (thartists),

ttfb xxxxx

Friday, 21 November 2008

1 year on

Hello folks!
I've just recieved a renewal notice for our domain:
"Domain Name :
Registered on : 12/13/2007 2:17:15 AM
Registered for : 1 year(s)
Expires on : 12/13/2008 2:17:15 AM"

We can renew the domain 'for as low as $9.69' apparently.
But do we want to?

Have your say!

We have 22 days till the scammers can make a move.

Friday, 24 October 2008

Welcome back


i've decided to resurrect this forum for CFAP activity as it's not only a useful tool, but dead blogs are a WASTE OF THE INTERNETS. Use it for what you will.

Here's some upcoming events:

Saturday October 25th (that's tomorrow):
As part of Brighton's pretty massive celebration of British summer time coming to an end, White Night, Brighton University's Grand Parade gallery will be hosting a debate influenced by the current Julian Stallabrass-curated war photography exhibition Iraq Through The Lens Of Vietnam. The debate is called Make Love Not War and is organised by Susan Diab and various members of CFAP and Sussex Visual Cultures Society. You are all welcome to come along and creae a utopian conflict-free world with us.

Don't forget Saturday and Sunday is also the days when that APEC Around Photography thing is on.

Tuesday October 28th: Currently as there is a window in our schedule the third years have decided to present some work in a critique situation, meeting at 11am in the studios. The number of works that will be in show is currently unknown, and the same can be said of the number attending, but i'm hoping that i could perhaps tempt some first years into the discussion for as long as they can afford so as to get some idea of what we are up to. This has not yet been formally discussed, but i intend to storm 207 and like a scruffy pied piper with only the rallying call as my trusty fife lead the swathes of neo-Wildian students to our hollow but welcoming bosom. Or i could just ask.

In the evening Mick will be screening Billy Liar in 205 as part of his Out Of the Sixties week. Because we're well out of the sixties, in case you han't notice.

Wednesday October 29th: Third years have some library thing. Don't quote me on that.

Thursday October 30th: The one you've all been waiting for, the commencement of this year's interim presentations. The first to stand to the pulpit is Adam J Smith who will give a talk on tourist space and the notion of the ironic battle between tourist-provoked artifice that eludes to homeliness and recognisable comfort in areas that are visited by tourists for their supposed sense of exotica and foreign-ness. Should be nice. If you're one of those facebook people you can respondez-vous s'il vous plait here.

Have i missed anything out for next week?


The Thomas Ferguson Band